August 3, 2021 Georgia Keighery

With the question “what the hell am I doing?” ringing loud in my internal ear, I have been forced to […]

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My beautiful friend Leah once spent a year living and working in Germany. Leah possesses the sort of beauty and […]

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My father, Michael Keighery, on Gallipoli

March 19, 2015 Georgia Keighery

My father, visual artist Michael Keighery, has been creating work that commemorates Gallipoli.

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Satori & Co’s new Value Video

March 17, 2015 Georgia Keighery

We’ve just finished post production on the Satori & Co. Value Proposition Video and I’m reminded how darned lucky this […]

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Mugs Like Us

February 17, 2015 Georgia Keighery

Research & development is really heating up on playwrighting project produced by Riff Raff Theatre’s Emma Sampson & Corinne Bibby, […]

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A Note From Your Mum

May 31, 2013 Georgia Keighery

But once in a while, I get that same feeling I used to get before a gym class. That sinking-stomach nausea. That anticipation and dread. I just. Don’t. Wan’t. To. Do. It … And I don’t want to do whatever it is, really badly!

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My New Name

April 18, 2013 Georgia Keighery

I’ve spent the last few days luxuriating in the possibilities of a name change. All the things it could mean to me.

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February 4, 2013 Georgia Keighery

We were no more than 22 years of age when we sat, one Sunday morning, in a backyard in Newtown and had our first real conversation. I’d only known Justin for 24 hours and 23 of them were spent in a club, but I knew I liked him. .

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The Ready Cycle

January 4, 2013 Georgia Keighery

It always started the same way: I walked into a huge party. The party was in my honour. Of course it was. And I looked AMAZING. Of course I did. And as I flitted around the room being generally fabulous, I caught snippets of people’s conversation as I walked by. Every single chat revolved around me, and how gorgeous I looked, and how well I was doing, and how much everyone adored me. Of course they did.

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Mustn’t Grumble

October 12, 2012 Georgia Keighery

There is a generation to which I clearly do not belong. A generation that is about to be lost to us. I have a lovely girlfriend who is a doctor and as part of her training she worked on a geriatric ward with people of the age I’m talking about. This story is one she told me recently, and I like to remind myself of it often – as a shot-of-reality, if you like.

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