August 3, 2021 Georgia Keighery

With the question “what the hell am I doing?” ringing loud in my internal ear, I have been forced to […]

Mugs Like Us

February 17, 2015 Georgia Keighery

Research & development is really heating up on playwrighting project produced by Riff Raff Theatre’s Emma Sampson & Corinne Bibby, […]

The Ready Cycle

January 4, 2013 Georgia Keighery

It always started the same way: I walked into a huge party. The party was in my honour. Of course it was. And I looked AMAZING. Of course I did. And as I flitted around the room being generally fabulous, I caught snippets of people’s conversation as I walked by. Every single chat revolved around me, and how gorgeous I looked, and how well I was doing, and how much everyone adored me. Of course they did.

Marcela De Vivo

December 14, 2012 Georgia Keighery

Writer Marcela De Vivo talks literary translation: “Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë—heck, even good old J.K. Rowling—these are all authors that can be enjoyed by English-speakers without having to give a second thought to discrepancies in translation. Imagine reading Shakespeare in translation—how could they possibly capture the rhythm of the iambic pentameter?”