I am Georgia Keighery

Communications Professional

I’ve been trying to think of what to write here, and I keep hearing my internal voice shriek “DON’T TELL THEM THAT – THEY’LL KNOW YOU’RE A FREAK!” … So, I think it’s best to begin there. At the freak.

As a kid I had coke-bottle-thick, horn-rimmed glasses. I was beyond the politely plump and well into the realm of pushing-maximum-density. My long oily hair hung limp from my scalp to my over-sized bum, and I was convinced that I would one day be an Oscar-winning actress.

I hung out mostly with my parent’s artist friends on the weekend, and was, obviously, entirely shunned by kids my own age. To be honest with you, I don’t blame them one bit, and I don’t think I blamed them even then. However, it was clear to me from a very early age that stunning beauty and smooth socialization were not going to be mine, and that I was indeed … different.

Michael & Victoria Keighery 1970's
My Father and Mother, Michael and Victoria Keighery, in the 1970s. My mother was once a smoker, and used to puff on menthol cigarettes because she said "when I was a girl it meant you were a virgin ... Of course" she added, "the fact that I have children might be a bit of a giveaway".

Growing Up

My father, an artist, and my mother, an arts manager, both struggled to understand what I was talking about when I would return home from school bemoaning my difference. “They HATE me!” I’d say, “because I’m just not like them”. My father would look puzzled and say “Of course you’re not darling! You’re like you!” and he’d smile genuinely at me. His simplicity confounded me. My mother would sit with me in the afternoons after school and take great pains to explain that “the things that make you different are things you should be proud of – they’re the things that make you you darling!”. Her biased view of my value also confounded me. She would continue, “And remember, if other kids laugh or tease you it’s just because difference can be scary and confronting. But when you’re proud of your differences, you show other kids that it’s alright to be different… and they might just find a little bit of courage to be proud of their own individuality”.

So, I decided, at the tender age of 7, that if I was going to be different, then I was going to be proud of it! I began tying coloured pipe-cleaners around the corners of my glasses to accentuate their presence, and to match my outfits and mood. I began taking my lunch box into the middle of the playground instead of hiding away, because I wanted everyone to know that I was eating alone and that that was O.K. with me. On days when I was feeling a little down I’d twist those pipe-cleaners on my glasses so that they spelled out “GO ME” above my forehead. I could see that I was different and I was determined to have a sense of humour about it. I was a freak and proud to exercise my feakishness to its full capacity.

As I grew up I became more self-conscious, especially as a teen. However as an adult I’ve come full circle. I’ve rediscovered some of the joy of my freakishness as I’ve traveled and lived overseas and been reminded what it’s like to stand out.

Georgia Keighery Aged 8
I remember my uncle Fabian taking this photo and telling me as he took it, "Look thoughtful Georgie - like you're thinking deeply about the concerns of 8-year-olds everywhere".
Michael & Georgia Keighery Circa 1989
My father, visual artist, Michael Keighery and I circa 1989. He helped build the Great Wall of China ... I tied pipe-cleaners on my glasses.

Once I left school, training as an actor, I began to write plays (mainly because I knew what I wanted to perform on stage). From there I secured a regular column on an Australian Arts website where I wrote about my experiences traveling and writing (www.artshub.com.au). From there I spent every day hoping to learn how to be a real writer and a proper person. I’m still working on both.

So, here I am, smitten with writing. Here I am declaring myself a proud freak. I’m approaching this website as an opportunity to show the other kids that it’s alright to be different. I’m approaching it wearing pipe-cleaners tied to my glasses!

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I’ve known Georgia’s exceptional writing talents for many years. During Satori & Co’s formation and subsequent re-writes of various customer facing material, including the website, Georgia worked as a copy writer. She has a flair for quickly understanding both content and brand voice to produce copy which is unique and conveys the intended message succinctly. Georgia also produced some incredible video content for us during her time. She is a committed and diligent professional, as well as a creative, intelligent woman who is able to bring a new perspective to any project. Her spark and passion will inject a lift into any team mood. It’s always been great fun working with her!

  • Simon Poulton
  • Sales Advisor Satori & Co
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Georgia took the time to understand the voice and image that I wanted my company to portray and then created a fantastic website where she edited all the company text, logos and branding to be in line with that image. Her understanding of aesthetics and clean design and then being able to translate that into something tangible across the entire digital communications spectrum is quite unique. Having worked with Georgia across two separate companies I have the pleasure of recommending her to anyone out there that is looking for help with branding/ logo design, digital communications, web design, copywriting/editing and web video content. You simply wont find someone willing to put more of themselves into their work and is simply fantastic to work with!!

  • Luke Murray
  • Managing Director & Founder at Capacitus
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I've had the pleasure of working with Georgia a number of times. She excels both as a copywriter and as a copy editor and I would recommend her for both types of roles. Georgia brings wit, new perspectives and creativity whilst at the same time exceeding deadlines and creating copy that sells. I have no hesitation in recommending Georgia and I would hire her again!

  • Sven Radavics
  • Founder and CEO intribe
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