Marcela De Vivo

December 14, 2012 Georgia Keighery

Writer Marcela De Vivo talks literary translation: “Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë—heck, even good old J.K. Rowling—these are all authors that can be enjoyed by English-speakers without having to give a second thought to discrepancies in translation. Imagine reading Shakespeare in translation—how could they possibly capture the rhythm of the iambic pentameter?”

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Sandra Thibodeaux

November 2, 2012 Georgia Keighery

3 poems from guest Sandra Thibodeaux, the incredibly talented poet and playwright from Darwin

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Danny Dawson

July 20, 2012 Georgia Keighery

Two poems from London’s rising star poet, Danny Dawson.

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Lannah Sawers-Diggins

May 4, 2012 Georgia Keighery

I offer no apology for the fact that this piece is written in both past and present tenses. Nor for the fact that I have used the imperial measurement system, as opposed to the metric. I grew up with the former and this is the way I have always written this piece.

Mention the Australian outback to most people, be they from another nation or other parts of Australia and visions of a vast, barren desert, miles upon miles of virtually nothing except a bush here and maybe a tree there and plenty of red bulldust, are usually conjured up. Overall not an attractive picture, so most would think.

How wrong can one be.

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Matthew Lee Knowles

January 20, 2012 Georgia Keighery

My music – suggestive, with preferably more for the performer than the audience. I actively want the majority of people to dislike my music, or, more accurately, distrust what they hear – which is more than just turning a negative into a positive, I just have a different idea of perfection. I have used chance procedures, graphic notation, textual and theatrical instruction both bizarre and traditional. I think I’m still a way off writing the music I really want to write. I love notes, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time doodling impossible lines of music, pushing a fragment of material to its exhaustion, delighting myself in symmetries (broken and total), patterns and relationships. Toying with probability assists inspiration, I keep dice and bingo balls on my desk, along with scrabble tiles and containers of pitches, waiting to be plucked out and written down.

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Constantine Carluen

January 9, 2012 Georgia Keighery

The ‘it’ factor When Georgia asked me if I would write for her column, I began writing a clichéd story […]

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