Matthew Lee Knowles

January 20, 2012 Georgia Keighery

My music – suggestive, with preferably more for the performer than the audience. I actively want the majority of people to dislike my music, or, more accurately, distrust what they hear – which is more than just turning a negative into a positive, I just have a different idea of perfection. I have used chance procedures, graphic notation, textual and theatrical instruction both bizarre and traditional. I think I’m still a way off writing the music I really want to write. I love notes, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time doodling impossible lines of music, pushing a fragment of material to its exhaustion, delighting myself in symmetries (broken and total), patterns and relationships. Toying with probability assists inspiration, I keep dice and bingo balls on my desk, along with scrabble tiles and containers of pitches, waiting to be plucked out and written down.

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