Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Georgie Keighery
  • Date: 2013
  • Skills: Playwright
  • Client: Riff Raff Theatre
  • Demo: See Demo

Dark Comedy
Running time: 11 mins
Cast: 1 Female

Synopsis: Lori Placket can never find the words to speak to anyone. When Lily joins her workplace, Lori finally finds someone who doesn’t mind her quietness. Someone who’s happy to do the talking. Someone who’s fabulous. Someone that Lori is beginning to feel she could try to be like. One day. If she can just walk a while in Lily’s shoes.

The Other Foot is available for sale through the Australian Script Centre and APT.org.au

Originally produced by Riff Raff Theatre as part of their Lost Soles season.
London Design Festival, London, 2013 
Director: Amie Taylor
Cast: Leanna Wiggington