"Myths, Legends and Langkawi"

There’s a long-running urban myth about a group of professional, partner-having, gym-going, hobby-pursuing, commitment-laden women friends. In this legend, these lady friends finally come good on years of talking about going on a trip together. They clear their calendars for a week and they meet on a little island to sip cocktails, lay in the sun and partake in a cultural adventure or two between massages. This is a myth, of course. (more…)

"What the Fffff … Flying Saucer?"

In late January NASA announced their plans for an “asteroid redirection”. Yes, just like a traffic cop might wave a white-gloved hand to steer motorists away from a road hazard, they’re going to redirect the path of a giant piece of space rubble … Pardon?


"Mother Knows Best"

A nun in profile …

Mother InferiorIn the bedroom of a religious-relic-laden house in Sydney, a sister begins the closely guarded ritual of donning the nun’s habit. Over neatly pressed underwear, a voluminous black tunic with immense sleeves, is slipped into, leaving the body entirely covered, neck to floor. (more…)

"The Potter & The Great Wall"

I remember a time, I was 8 years old and my third-class teacher explained that we were about to begin a unit on China. I precociously raised my hand, proud as punch to have some personal knowledge about the subject to add, and sure that the rest of the class would be riveted. “My Dad helped to build the Great Wall of China” I explained to my teacher and the rest of the class. The following look of disbelief that rose on my teacher’s face I found to be odd and a little annoying. I took a patient breath and explained, “The Emperor asked him to help because he’s a good potter and knows a lot about firing techniques and could help out …” My dismay at my teacher’s timidity and lack of excitement was rising so I went on, to help the obviously inane woman overcome her awed silence, “The Emperor was so impressed with Dad’s glaze work on the bricks that he gave Dad a beautiful silk dress with gold thread through it, and Dad bought it home, and took the thread out and bought our house!” My teacher paused and smiled then asked, “Are you sure about that? You might want to ask your Dad again” … “Of  course I’m sure, how else would we have bought our house? He’s an artist. He showed me the dress” To answer her persistently disbelieving face I added, “he had the gold thread replaced with yellow once he’d bought the house – his friend’s a weaver!” (more…)


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